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X-Factor Hannah Bradbeer

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Fans ask should Hannah Bradbeer have won the ITV singing contest xfactor?


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Welcome to the website set up in tribute to the amazingly talented X factor singer Hannah Bradbeer.

Hannah stunned the judges with her superb rendition of Duffy's hit "Mercy". The 22 year old office worker got a resounding vote of confidence from X-factor judge Simon Cowell when he said she was 100% going through to the next round.

Fellow judges Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue also loved the superb singing voice of Hannah Bradbeer.

Hannah had stated during her x-factor audition that she was an office worker and had openly admitted to absolutely hating her job. She told the x-factor panel that singing was in her heart and from a very early age it had been her ambition to become a star.

Hannah Bradbeer has already come forward as an early favourite to win this years x-factor. If you have any messages of support for Hannah that you would like to appear on this tribute site, please send them in using the email page.

Good luck Hannah, we wish you every success in fulfilling your dreams.

Updated 05.10.08 Sadly Hannah is no longer in this years competition. Please keep emailing your messages of support.


02.10.08 Message from Hayley:-
I have got everything crossed for you good luck Hannah not that you need any luck xxxxx

02.10.08 Message from John & Cathy in Borehamwood:-

Best singer in the competition we wish you well YOU deserve to win!

02.10.08 Mesage from dave c and the crew at argos:-

gr8 singer...go 4 it Hannah xxxxxX

02.10.08 Message from devoted fan steve:-

Hannah Bradbeer is the best......public is 200% behind you judges will be barkin if they don put you through xx

03.10.08 Message from John
support_message: The only singer that ive ever seen on a reality show, that made me sit up and go WOW! This young girl is beautiful with an effortless voice, whether, she has made the final 2 or not, you're a star Hannah. You really are.

04.10.08 Message from kyle
support_message: u can win x factor hannah,u hav by far the best voice,wishing u all the very best,go forth hannah and live your dream.x

Web site UPDATED 05.10.08 Sadly, Hannah has not made it through to the live final stages of the competition. Lots of messages of support for Hannah. Here are some of today's messages. Please Keep your messages coming in to support Hannah Bradbeer.

05.10.08 Message from Sasha
support_message: Hannah can not believe it you are one of the best female singers I have ever heard! Keep your chin up you will make it without the X Facto.

05.10.08 Message from Vicky

support_message: Just watch Cheryl Cole make the biggest mistake ever. Keep your chin up youve got a excellent talent like Simon Cowell said and make sure you go back next year and hope you dont get a idiot of a mentor like Cheryl

05.10.08 Message from Dean Roberts
support_message: Cannot believe you did not get through to live rounds.  You have got X Factor.  Just a shame judges didn't see it

05.10.08 Message from Shahnaz
support_message: Cannot BELIEVE Cheryl Cole rejected you for her final line up, in favour of those with less than HALF your talent!! : (  very sad now.

05.10.08 Message from D  Cook
support_message: Why oh why did they let you go. You can only get bigger and better after this. Look forward to seeing you in the charts

05.10.08 Message from   David
support_message: An absolute travesty. How could Hannah not be picked for the live show? I won't watch it now as the best singer isn't in it.Don't give up, Hannah, loads of people love you.

05.10.08 Message from A_S
support_message: sorry you did not make it. I think it was a big mistake by Cheryl and the Producers of the show and one they might easily regret. Wishing you all the best for your career as a singer! Good Luck

05.10.08 Message from BN
support_message: I don't know what Cheryl was thinking - it's a travesty that the best singer in the competition should go out this early. I am really disappointed for Hannah..

06.10.08 Message from abigail
support_message: Hi Hannah, you should of won the contest

06.10.08 Message from Michael
support_message: gutted!

06.10.08 Message from jane
support_message: Hannah ,you don't need to be part of  the final  'circus" of a show X factor, you'll be  more famous and respected than the remaining contestants . Your talent doesn't need to be manipulated, stay as you are, you're unique and will go far.

06.10.08 Message from steven gallagher
support_message: an absolute travesty, i couldn't believe my eyes and ears after hearing cheryl say "u didnt make it" i have lost all faith in this show, they have made some strange decisions over the years but this is UNREAL, i hope u read this hannah, when u did ur 1st audition u sang mercy BETTER than duffy, i will not be watching x factor anymore but watching the charts for u, u were robbed,Cheryl cole is a numbnut SCANDALOUS!!!

06.10.08 Message from Dylan
support_message: You were outstanding
You were robbed
Keep at it, as Freddie Mercury said, "talent will out"

06.10.08 Message from Gloria Heath
support_message: Dear Hannah...We were shocked and stunned that you did not get looked lovely and have an amasing cousin turned the T.V of in disgust at the results..saw you this morning and you were not be disheartened your day will come..Good Luck Hannah Lots of Love Gloria

06.10.08 Message from josh
support_message: I am so fustrated and gutted that hannah was sent home, she had one of the best singing voices the x factor has ever seen and she was sent home purely becuase cherole cole was gelouse of her, I really hope she comes back next year and gets a better judge, cherole cole hasn't a clue. Hannah you were amazing

06.10.08 Message from sue

support_message: Hi Hannah - just couldnt believe you didnt get through - I honestly thought I had heard wrong - you need to keep up your singing as you will def need to enter again next year - it has happened to one girl who isnt as good as you so it will happen to you too - put up a website where we can see you singing or book you - it will be a long year but you will make it hannah you have got tons of talent so hang on in there girl






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